What is Aspen Studio?

Aspen Studio is a slide-based editor for HTML5 interactive contents. You can edit very interactive contents on HTML5 browser and publish it to HTML files. It means that you can edit your file from any place and play it any device with browser. You can save it in your local PC as HTML file, store and play with your cloud storage, or publish onto your web site.
Aspen Studio's editing UI is very similar with typical presentation slide editor. If you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slide, you can easily use our basic functions. To edit more interactive contents, Aspen Studio supports these functions:

Defining interactive actions by input events
Variety of transition effects between slides and layers in object
Sprite animation
Controlling HTML5 video, audio and YouTube video
Controlling multiple layer and state of object

What can you do with Aspen Studio?

Here's what you can edit and publish with Aspen Studio:

Educational contents for e-learning, m-learning, books
AD banner
Promotional web page or site
Micro-page for customer relationship management
Tutorials or interactive product catalog
Interactive blog post
Web site or application mock-up
Intro About